Cancellation / Refund Policies

Green Fox Hosting provides a 30-day money back guarantee for new hosting account registrations, subject to the following terms and conditions:

Cancellations within First 30 Days of Registration. In the event Subscriber cancels the Services within 30 calendar days of registration, Subscriber will receive a full refund of all fees paid in connection with the registration upon request.

Cancellations After 30 Days. Subscriber may cancel his/her/its Services at any time, before or after automatic account renewal and receive a pro-rated refund for all other fees paid for Services.

Notice of Cancellation. Subscriber agrees to direct all cancellation requests to Green Fox Hosting via email, or phone (318)300-3544. The cancellation request must include verification of ownership of the hosting account and/or domain(s), as determined by Green Fox Hosting.

Chargebacks and Reversals. In the event Subscriber issues a chargeback or reversal of charges without first following the above cancellation procedures, the Subscriber will be responsible for a $25.00 billing service fee. Hosting accounts that have an open dispute may be disabled for security purposes.