Cloud Services Explained

cloud_computingWhen the term “cloud” is used in today’s technological world, the majority of consumers are thinking; …isn’t that somewhere in cyberspace where my files are hanging out? While it is true that “the cloud” or “cloud services” can be a location online were documents, files & applications (among other things) are stored and retrieved, the reality is that “the cloud”, in technological terms (cloud computing), is referring to “a network of remote servers hosted on the Internet and used to store, manage, and process data in place of local servers or personal computers.”

Simply put cloud computing or cloud service is data storage storage and a cloud is anywhere that a user can store data (pictures, documents, etc.) and than retrieve data at a later time. Chances are you use a cloud (more then likely multiple clouds) to store data everyday, prime example, Facebook. If you have a Facebook account then you have stored data on “the cloud”, same goes for any social media platform, web hosted email or any service used to share, send or receive information electronically over the Internet. Even the software giant Adobe has taken to “the cloud” and stores it’s popular Adobe Creative Suite is now on “the cloud” and has been renamed “Creative Cloud”.

The cloud is convenient way to manage and store non-sensitive data, save your devices disk space and still have that data be easily accessible. Believe it or not cloud computing or the idea anyway, is not new. It has been around as long as computers and networks have been in use; the idea of accessible data was the driving force behind the creation of the Internet.

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