Problem: How do I setup my e-mail client for use with Green Fox Hosting?

Solution: All e-mail clients use basically the same settings. Fill in the required fields with this information:

  • Server: smtp.greenfoxhosting.com
  • Username: [your full e-mail address]
  • Password: [your case-sensitive password]
  • Be sure to ENABLE SMTP Authentication using the same username and password!

To check your e-mail, you may use IMAP or POP3, just use one of the settings below:

  • IMAP: imap.greenfoxhosting.com -or- POP3: pop3.greenfoxhosting.com
  • Username: [your full e-mail address]
  • Password: [your case-sensitive password]

Green Fox Hosting supports SSL encryption for all SMTP, IMAP, and POP3 traffic, so feel free to enable SSL if you desire.

Problem: I cannot check my e-mail, the message says my username and password are rejected.

Solution: Make sure that you are using your full e-mail address for your username. Also, your password is case-sensitive: PassWord, password, and PASSWORD are three different words.

Problem: I can check my e-mail successfully, but I cannot send one. When I try, I get a “Relay Access Denied” message.

Solution: Check your settings in your e-mail client. Make sure that you have “SMTP Authentication” enabled. Your username and password are the same as you would set for your POP3/IMAP account.