Rackspace releases new private cloud product

Rackspace releases new private cloud product, veers from OpenStack-only playbook

Rackspace is known as one of the creators of OpenStack, but OpenStack isn’t all it’s ever done. This month Rackspace made two announcements, one on each side of the fence. First, it released a new version of its private managed cloud offering, including enhanced uptime guarantees and some surprising technical changes. Second, it also began emphasizing support for additional non-OpenStack cloud offerings.

Rackspace’s new private cloud offering can be deployed either on-premise or at a Rackspace data center, and in either case, it now carries a 99.99% uptime guarantee for the OpenStack APIs, with billing credits for downtime that exceeds 20 minutes within a month, as all new Rackspace cloud deployments now include managed services.

From a technical standpoint, scalability has been improved, as deployments now have four controller nodes (with one acting as a log server) rather than two, increasing the maximum number of compute nodes from 75 to 200. In addition, the various OpenStack components, such as Nova or Neutron, are packaged as Linux containers for scalability. Private clouds can also burst to the Rackspace public cloud…See the original article to read more