Virtual Servers

Virtual servers are one of the most exciting advancements in the IT world.  While the technology has been around for a while the services are maturing and costs are coming down to a level that makes the services available to almost any business.

In the simplest of terms a virtual server is an operating system that is not installed on a physical server.  Since it is not installed directly to a physical server it can be moved from one physical server to another with a minimum of downtime (if any at all) and multiple virtual servers can run on a single physical server.  This portability allows for some revolutionary advancement in the Cloud Services industry.  If your needs outgrow a physical server the VM can be moved to another physical server with more resources.  Gone are the days of having to re-install and reconfigure the operating system for an upgrade or to recover from a hardware failure.

greenfox_virtual_server Virtual machines make disaster recovery much less painful as the entire VM is backed up as opposed to traditional backups where the data and operating system were backed up individually.  When a physical server fails the VM can be easily moved to another physical server.  In many instances this process can be automated where the end user never knows a problem existed.

Virtualization also boasts the benefits of scalability.  With proper configuration the load of your applications can be spread across multiple physical servers allowing your systems to grow with demand.  At the same time this capability allows you to scale back should demand taper off.  This pay-as-you-go structure allows businesses to expand with demand without the need for excessive capital expenditure.

Virtualization can be a little intimidating but never fear.  The friendly sales engineers at Green Fox Hosting can guide you through the decision process with their consultative sales process to ensure you are getting the services you need at competitive prices.